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Miss Universe-Ethiopia® 2005
Atetegeb Worku

Welcome to the Miss Ethiopia Blog we hope you will enjoy coming here to read all about what our queens are doing for our country.
Miss Universe Ethiopia 2005 at Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand
The Ethiopian life foundation through its Miss Ethiopia® Organisation is the largest single private public relations Organisation in Ethiopia with over 24 international licences, we have been giving young Ethiopians the chance to represent and promote their country and culture for over 3 years now and the exclusive licences of



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  • At 2:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is so sad not to be able to see an update on our beauties. We don't know what they are doing in the long run.

    Atetegeb is fantastic!

  • At 5:35 AM, Blogger jugnaw said…

    Hi I have a friend who lives in Addis Abeba Ethiopia and I am looking up opportunities for her but I live in Ohio USA. Are your headquarters in Addis?

  • At 12:28 PM, Anonymous admin said…

    Thanks for you comments but you are the end of the blog please visit http://missethiopia.blogspot.com/

    Or click on "MISS ETHIOPIA ORG" at the top of the page to visit the main page with all the updates and information, thanks for your support

    Jugnaw: please sand us an email to thelifefoundation@gmail.com

  • At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Teddy D said…

    To the last commetator:
    Even if you dont need a title blah blah.... we must ask what did ATTI do for Ethiopia in 2005? She did not even show up at Miss Earth 2005 so get your facts right, she went to Miss Universe and was a big dissapointment, that was the last we saw of her In Ethiopia, so how can she be given any credit?

    Shame on you Atti, even the girls who you think you are better than won several International titles, what did you get?..... Nothing why? because you are nothing but a VERY SELFISH B***!

  • At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Teddy d,

    It is a very irresponsible and disgusting comment that you have made. Prejudice, prejudice... What do you know about her? I happen to know her well! Even she has to make some mistakes, she is human too. If You were only able to see the potentialin her as a wonderful 'person', not just another beautiful woman, you would have understood it why she is qualified as a true Queen. I don't think that she might even know about this very fact. It's too sad to discover that the sorrounding is quite often unnecessarily challenging. I think she could overcome it! Love!

  • At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ATTI's Selfish? I'm of course very saddened by some of the comments that I read about ATTI here and there. I have never heard something negative about her before. My sadness almost matches my anger at seeing innocent people
    the world over being tormented and hurt by some ruthless manipulators.

    Why this sudden interest after all this time? Although it is better to see interested bodies this late than never, why was/is everybody
    reluctant to give his/her support to 'our special ambassadors' or extend their wishes in a participative spirit when they need that most? It is not the beauty pageant itself, as institutionally organised event, which is interesting and important, rather, the chance that 'some' hard working participants like ATTI can have to make an important discovery about themselves, and learn about/from the surrounding they are in. In a Parallel manner, we, in the Diaspora, encounter great pride, joy and energy to witness the likes of ATTI march into triumph and success in every possible way, in this sexist, bigot and primitively indifferent world of ours.
    I am convinced that ATTI has used every chance she had to show to the world her uniqueness, originality, her femininity, even without picking the 'sexy card' that most beauty pageants, models or actors frequently play with. She showed every inferior male subject that, not every beauty has a price. We know, how self-confident, intelligent and independent woman often have difficulties in winning titles in most international beauty pageants, or becoming 'successful' actress or
    models for that matter. As success is relative, one of the most successful woman among all the current international pageants is ATTI. Her being there, her presence alone is enough.
    Women like her, who have never dared to be part of any scandalous situation, every Miss, who has decided to continue leading that same normal professional life that she used to practice before becoming a model/beauty queen, are successful their own way. Therefore they deserve our respect, and should be appreciated sincerely.

    As Oscar Wild once said: ""Most people are other people. Their thoughts
    are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a

    ATTI, our Queen Sheba ll, please go your own way, protect yourself from
    individuals who've reduced themselves to parasitism, from people who
    feed off each other and especially such special humans like you for their energy. Pleas remember that!

    Others have the Miss Earth (whatever) title, but The Miss Universe
    title is yours. You will remain Miss Universe for an infinite period of
    time -- even we have to shelter ourselves on Mars.


  • At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wherever ATTI is, whatever she does, whoever she has become, she is the only 'qualified' one to take the vacant title: "Queen Sheba ll" She will soon meet King Salomon ll, and set our people free. Long live the Queen!

  • At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Before anybody reply to this I encourage and urge you to look at the girls our new 'queen' will be facing- Mexico specially. Sorry to say so but the girls we/the judges are choosing are not elected based on their ability to face their opponents on the big day. So it is not a new thing to see them go all the way to the main show and shame us with defeat. Aren't we the most beautiful people on earth? Why can't we send the girl that can really shake the stage and show how beautifull we are? Mr. Albimi (spelling?) please see to it that you choose the fine girls that can compete against the gorgeous women out there.

  • At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What is your message? That appearances matter above all else? And no one, including ATTI deserves to represent our beauty-abundant country at international beauty contests?
    One can get insulted by this kind of thought, and become outraged as we read time and time again how bad the achievements of our country men and women in the
    international arena are.
    What angers me, is not the criticism itself, but the absence of support and encouragement that our "ambassadresses of goodwill" are getting, specially in the pre-contest days and weeks. I don't know, whether it is in our culture to sit back and wait for things to come to us in their extreme form, either as a negative or positive
    result. When an athlete 'looses', we ask ourselves critically "Ohh,
    Why didn't they send the other ones, they would have had a better
    chance..., look at him/her, he/she used to be a genius, and now..."
    The point is: If we are serious and sincere in dealing with the
    tasks of our ambassadresses, we should full-heartedly show and
    give them our appreciation and support. Let's have trust in the
    job of the organisations/bodies that take responsibility in
    bringing together, selecting and promoting those beauties who are
    lucky enough to represent our nation internationally. The pageant culture is relatively young, and of course there is a lot of work to be done, and I believe the organisations and sponsors are open to see outsiders show their concern and dissatisfaction. When it takes someone outside the organization to stand up and say that something is wrong, then there is indeed something very wrong. But
    these outsiders should give their critics constructively, going along with new ideas and possible creative remarks or suggestions.
    It's absolutely wrong and insensitive to say, "it is not a new thing to see them go all the way to the main show and shame us with defeat"

    I am not a beauty contest specialist, but I think the
    'competition' stage is over, once the national selection takes place and we have a beauty queen. So, as soon as the winner, Let's
    say, ATTI (who in my mind is one of the two Queens I know who truly deserved to represent our nation) heads for a hosting
    country to join other pageants, the competitive nature of the
    beauty contest fades away. People have to get beyond the notion of
    a beauty pageant. It's a competition to find an ambassador for Ethiopia.
    I know, everybody is looking for a trophy to show around, a winner
    to adore, but when it comes to this sort of competition, this kind of attitude will only feed the culture of machismo that we still seem to have in our country
    If this kind of thing goes on, we would just perpetuate the idea
    that women are objects of beauty to behold.

    I'm very positive that Atti and co. didn't/don't go to the
    pageants with a competitive attitude, but to promote their
    country, just to participate and change their life, to go there
    and have the experience to see that we are all one, simply make new friends and to spark in them a desire to go beyond, to live for a greater good, to find new ways that they can use their life
    to really make a difference.
    We should be happy for them; their success should be our success,
    and of course the pride is mutual.

    What about Miss Mexico? I haven't seen her, I don't want/have to see her just to anticipate whom the Ethiopian delegate is going to be
    challenged by. Beauty pageants are national obsessions in that part
    of the world. The attention and support they have from their
    people are literarily comparable to the one that we show to Haile
    Gebresselassie and co. No wonder, with that kind of encouragement,
    attention and love, almost every winner comes from Latin America.
    It doesn't always mean that they have an approachable beauty or
    more beautiful than others, but as beauty is a cultural phenomenon, it attracts those eyes that the pageant world is used
    to. Usually, beauty can neither be evaluated nor rated. Indeed,
    it's in the eye of the beholder, it can't possibly be objectively
    quantified or qualified...

    To be continued

  • At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Md said…

    Hi I echo the last posters sentiments and I am tired of all the mindless criticism and complaints, those that have nothing to do with this event are always the ones to should the loudest opposition and level unfair comments.

    If you want to be part of it, contact the organisers and see how you can be part of the solution, do not sit in your apartments and criticise for the sake of it.

    This organisation has done more for the image of Ethiopia in this field than another organisation in the history of Ethiopia yet many lazy people will just complain this girl is not pretty etc nobody play with their pocket and I am told it costs as much as US$25,000 to send a girl to Miss Universe, but this organisation sends not just one girl, but several girls to so many international pageant every year.
    True they may not all win but they have done Ethiopia proud and we are now considered an emerging power house.

    To the poster who said “Dina was not good enough to win miss tourism be we are sending her to miss universe” did you know that she did not participate in the full contest and only made it to the finals 3 day before, but she still won Miss Goodwill?

    The same rings true for Atetegeb she went to Miss World Ethiopia2003, Miss Malaika 2004 and still she did not place at Miss Universe! But she is a model of beauty and intelligence. in life nothing is guaranteed but if you don’t enter, you will never know.

    The girls have to grow in the industry and learn from their mistake to become better. Miss Mexico and Miss USA etc have been in pageant industry since they were 4 years old so they know what is expected, and thsy have lavish budgets and sponsors, we in Ethiopia on the other hand have only had our eyes opened to these sort of events for under 4 years now, but so many people oppose it right away without knowing why they oppose it, is it any wonder that the true world class girls who can make a difference [who many are quicek to say are every where in Addis] will not come forward, some will also say why don’t we win if it is so easy. But who said it was easy?

    Haile G/Selassiei came 6th in his last marathon, is he now a failure because of that? NO
    Robel Tekelemariam came 84th at the winter Olympics out of 89, his he a failure? NO

    Ethiopia is but one of only 7 African countries participating in Miss Universe 2006, and we have a one in 80 chance ….so stop the hating

  • At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    MD, thanks for your informative contribution.

    I think you have given us a valuable 'insider-account' on what is going on in the Miss Ethiopia camp. You have brought several good points there. A lot of people, including me, don't have that much knowledge about pageant-relevant engagements. I can imagine how tough it must be for organisations like the Ethiopian Life foundation to pervade our community, to enlighten the beauty-illiterate part of the society at this rather young stage of the beauty culture. Like any other pioneer projects, the ELF surely is confronted with a lot of challenges.

    I personally became interested right after the discovery of this
    authentic beauty, called Atetegeb. To me she is the concrete
    manifestation of a uniquely composed internal beauty --virtue,intelligence, kindness, and understanding -- that grandly is expressed in her eyes.
    It is this kind of beauty that the modern world is desperately
    longing for, a beauty which is able to preserve humanity in the
    most possible compassionate manner. I think it is difficult to
    observe these complicated form of human qualities in a single period of a beauty contest, unless the judges get a special telescope to penetrate and see the hidden soul.
    Lucky us that Atetegeb got a second chance to go and win the Miss Universe Ethiopia competition last year. I followed the last Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok
    carefully, and I tell you in all sincerity that I didn't expect
    miracles from the judges in Bangkok that could define beauty as the one that comes from deep deep down, rather, as usual for most of them it is the beauty they see in the skins of the contestants, which again draws the attention of their skin-experienced eyesight. I think Atti, who probably had no need for artificial additives, like cosmetics and jewellery, did everything right, answered back gently, politely, and with good
    humour. Only the national dress looked somehow incompatible with
    the Queenly personality of Atti. (even with that, she mastered
    everything well with her joyful nature). I personally would have
    preferred a rather gracious, long classic dress with a head cover a
    lá Cleopatra.
    "There's a lot more that can be added to thoughts of concepts of beauty.
    I sometimes think beauty is an 'average,' an amalgamation, so to speak of features deemed beautiful
    The world seems to have put out of its memory that the average
    ones are the ones that bring unobserved miracles into our lives, as there are so few 'average' people lately.
    I think 'Beauty Makers' should concentrate on those average ones, work with their unique personal qualities and build their adapted personalities, develop their intelligence and activate, as much as possible, their inner beauties, in such a form that they remain who they are all the time. I think
    the state of not being a derivative of anything else is what the modern world badly miss'. I personally prefer a warm, intelligent, original and modest woman to the most ravishing woman on earth that reflects the frivolous, vain, witless, banal, shallow, blasé inner life of a made-up mannequin. Mannequin? Femmequin!

    Beauty probably is not an exclusivity of anyone. Love can light up /anyone's/ face and life. 'A face only a mother could love,' they say. Not true ever, it is to be hoped, but the key to this is right there. If, through her love, a mother can love a face, so can we all. The sad thing is that one way or another, through ridicule, the influence of the media, thoughtlessness and unfounded prejudices, some persons are thought not to fit the mold.
    The result: low self-esteem and discouragement. But all such
    should lift up their heads.
    Everybody has her different qualities. Some girls might not look that good, but one can hardly find out the beauty in them unless there is a chance to look deep in their eyes, or talk to them, to listen to them. Once you discover this warmth in them, good behaviour, good personality, you will think this girls are not that bad after all. The opposite could be with the one that everyone thinks is gorgeous; absolutely empty from the inside!

    Have I understood, that Dinah is going to represent Ethiopia at
    the Miss Universe 2006? Is she the one who had to deal with those ignorant bureaucrats in Malysia? I think it's a good decision. She deserves to get another chance.
    Dinah looks attractive, and has, in the meantime enough experience to feel comfortable at the upcoming beauty parade. It would be highly recommendable if she would have such an escort like the
    experienced Queen of all: Atetegeb

    We miss you, Atetegeb!

  • At 3:17 AM, Blogger Miss Ethiopia PR said…

    It has indeed been a very trying time for the Ethiopian Life Foundation to do what has never been done before in Ethiopia; however we certainly appreciate all the support from the positive minded individuals who have sent us positive messages of support and encouragement.

    There seems to be so many individuals whose only mission in life is to be negative and criticise anything that is done, in the hope that they can some how obtain our licenses, and now become the ones to do what we do, we have spent four years painstakingly working hard to build the organisation to where we are now the largest Public relations and promotional agency for the external promotion of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Culture in this field, and we have had an open door policy for many years and invited the who’s who of fashion and entertainment in and out Ethiopia to join us, but they all sat on the fence and refused to join in, preferring instead to steal photos from our websites and publish them in their tacky magazines in Addis and America every just time to make a few Birr or dollars off our hard work, but now all of a sudden they have seen the light and everyone who is anybody now wants to try and take over the organisations activities in the beauty pageant field by any means necessary. And will say and do anything to anyone to help their evil plots to succeed, but guess what? it will not and cannot succeed.

    At a time when many young girls in Ethiopia still have no direction and lack focus, we are unmatched and unrivalled in the International exposure and opportunities we have provided for so many young Ethiopian girls and the Ethiopian culture over the last 4 years, without any visible or meaningful support from anybody in Ethiopia, yet it is with very deep regrets that we find ourselves constantly attacked by mindless and unpatriotic individuals every year, and many of them are sad to say “Journalists” who have the uncanny act of displaying a total misunderstanding everything, and instead love concentrate on printing malicious gossip and downright lies, in the vain hope of furthering their lacklustre careers with their imaginary “scoops” and amusing their readers, instead of highlighting the positive achievements of our young Ambassadresses of Ethiopia at these international events.

    Ferehiyewot Abebe: Miss Universe Ethiopia 2004, got to have dinner with the President of Ecuador.
    Atetegeb Tesfaye: Miss Universe Ethiopia 2005, got to have dinner with the Thai Prime Minister. How many people in Ethiopia can say this?

    We will never respond to blatant lies or acknowledge those individuals whose job description and sole ambition in life seems to be to constantly ignore the facts and the truth, and print fake and derogatory stories, nor will we descend to their levels, we are to busy looking forward to look over our shoulders.
    “Rumours are started by your enemies and spread by fools” is all we have to say to them.

    Our record of what the Ethiopian Life Foundation has done externally for Ethiopia over the last 4 years is as follows:

    Miss Tourism of the Globe 2003
    Miss International 2003
    Miss Earth 2003

    Miss Model of the World 2004
    International Tourism Queen 2004

    Best model of the World 2004
    Miss Silverbird International 2004

    Miss Universe 2004
    Teen Model of the World 2004
    Miss Earth 2004
    Miss World University 2004

    Miss Tourism Planet 2004
    Model of the World 2005

    International female Model 2004
    Miss Tourism International 2004

    Miss Tourism of the Globe 2004
    Miss Tourism Planet 2005

    Miss Universe 2005

    Miss Tourism International 2005
    Miss International 2005

    International Tourism Queen 2005

    Miss Bikini Internationl 2005

    Miss Model of the World 2005
    Top Model of the World 2005

    We challenge any one to anywhere to table a record of even 10% of what we have done, and yet certain people in the media still complain mindlessly and maliciously report false stories and many people listen.

    Every year since 2003 we have gone from strength to strength culminating with the 2006 historic return to the Prestigious Ethiopian National Theatre for a major national beauty contest, for the first time in over 30 years. History was made on the 13th and 14th of April 2006 despite the evil mindsets of a few key people who chose the negative angle of reporting.

    At over 95 % of all major international contests, the delegate from Ethiopia will be from one organization “The Ethiopian life foundation” and it Miss universe organisation, look up miss Ethiopian on the net and see all the proud stories of our girls achievements, and we ask who else in or outside Ethiopia is doing this or providing such life changing experiences for so many young Ethiopian girls? And now our organisation is world renowned for the calibre and quality of our girls as evidence by the number of International titles we have won over the years in the name of Ethiopia.
    For as long as 50 years in some cases many of the International licences existed but nobody cared, knew how to, or bothered to make any use of them till now, until we started to make positive use of them, now people suddenly want to have a say in this matter and we will not be detracted.

    We remain resolutely committed to our goals and aspirations, 2006 will be another bumper year with over 14 international event planned including possibly hosting an international beauty contest in Ethiopia and we will not let a few unpatriotic individuals dictate to us how to run our Foundation, deliberately impede the International cultural exposure of Ethiopia or selfishly attempt to deny the Great Nation of Ethiopia and its proud culture its rightful place on the world stage at these events, out of nothing but pure selfish greed and envy.

    To those who complain that the president of the organisation is not an Ethiopian : If Ethiopia is the birth place of mankind, then surely every man is an Ethiopian?

  • At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Robel said…

    Sorry to read about this rubbish going on in Ethiopia, why do we do this all the time?
    I if were you guys I would pack up and go the USA and do your shows there.

    You will make a fortune, so why kill you self trying to please these ungrateful people?

  • At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In every segment of life, whether it is in Politics, Religion, Education, Culure etc. I always think that there is no other place on Earth that has been created for Challenges, Challenges and more Challenges like our beloved Ethiopia.

    Dear Ethiopia Life Founders,

    I'm very sorry to hear that your engagment in the beauty branch is accompanied by so much difficulties, and it's filled with such anger, frustration and despair. I never taught, in thousand years, that things could lead to such extreme challenges and toughness. So Sorry!

    Knowing that our land, Ethiopia, is a a difficult and mountainous terrain, We all have to find ourselves in the valley of despair at times. It may sometimes seem that we are forever worrying, learning lessons, suffering pain, and facing challenges. But we must try to remember that the fertilizer that helps us "grow" is in those valleys, not on the mountain tops.

    During the times that we are angry , have deep resentment, and feelings of resegnation, distrust or betrayal, we will always end up wiser and we will grow more from the experiences. We will understand more about people and things in life, become more sensitive, critical and we'll be able to enjoy our success more after we go through the hard times.

    We have to experience frustration and disappointment so that we may better measure success and joy. Life has a way of balancing the sorrow with the joy, the disappointments with the hope, and the emptiness with the meaning.

    You have showed those signs of success that your organisation has been able to give us during the last four difficult years. I think most people still don't visiualize and emotionlize the success of our Beauties to the success of our Dibabas or Bekeles. You still are in a pioneering stage -- it'll take some time until your satisfaction is guaranteed.
    For now, keep up the good work. Your loyal expatriate supporters look forward to many more years of great success stories about Ethiopian Beauties, and no doubt continuing improvements and innovations will guarantee you a very special place in the Miss Ethiopia Pageant History. Keep on feeding us with the likes of Atetgeb, sooner or later you'll be able to melt the Iceberg of Ethiopian rigidity/conservatism and get enough water to cultivate those isolated beautiful Ethiopian Valleys

  • At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I echo the sentiments of the last writer, you guys are pioneers in this field and no matter that anybody says or does you are forever cemented in the History books as a positive person who did so much no matter that nobody gives thanks or shows appreciation in Ethiopia but criticises what they dont understand, your reward will be the likes of me and the last poster; a minority admittedly but never the less an appreciation.

    You set so many first for our country and have allowed so many young Ethiopian girls and our proud Ethiopian Culture to be seen by millions of people whose only picture of Ethiopia has always been one of starving and dying children, as is always promoted by some rock stars every year to further their own hidden agenda surprisingly despite all the millions they claim to make from the name of poverty and huger eradication we see no tangible evidence of a penny going to our country.

    Somebody show me the BAND AID hospital, or BAND AID SCHOOL built by Bob Geldof or any of the other stars from the over $250,000,000 they are supposed to have raised go to Ethiopia the some people are still starving but every year he is welcome with VVVVVIP treatment when he comes then some idiot in Ethiopia has the nerve to criticise when a different story is being told one of a vibrant culture and beautiful girls

    My Ethiopia! My Ethiopia!! When will we change our ways?
    When will we hold our head high and proud like we used to do a long time ago?, ETHIOPIA! ETHIOPIA !!

    I weep for my Nation

  • At 1:37 AM, Anonymous Kalkidan said…

    It is funny how so many people are set on stealing the license and display so much of want we have to change, if I were you I would certainly give up the Miss Universe license and let us honestly see who will organise and event like yours not make a profit but still pay the approximately US$15,000-25,000 it will cost to send a girl to Miss Universe every year. The truth is nobody will do it if they would, then it would have been done before now.

    You know you can still send the girls to all the other 20 something contests you have licences to, something that those who fight you and try to bring you down may not know, I think they think that Miss Universe is the key to all the other licences, unless they want to fight you for all of them, which can never happen.

    It is so easy to criticise what one does not fully understand and my brothers and sisters love doing this, how I wish complaining were an Olympic sport! In fact we should get a petition going to make “mindless complaining and gossiping” an Olympic sport….. We will certainly do well in 2008 in Beijing!

    On second thoughts KEEP THE LISCENCE!! let those that want to do it join you. You have worked too hard to get where you are today, why should someone suddenly com along and eat the Injera they did not cook?

  • At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Meron said…

    It is very sad to see how people back home will steal and try to steal other people’s ideas and one wonders why we are so good at it?

    I remember that this same organisation also had its ETHIOPIAN MUSIC AWARDS show


    Stolen from it by a company in Ethiopia called “Yoha Plc” who rushed to organise the same show using the exact same name, despite all the publicity and knowing it was already planned surprisingly with the help of many big companies in Ethiopia like Sheraton & DSTV who should all be ashamed of them selves, but the press in Ethiopia said nothing about this outright and blatant Theft because they all got free tickets to the show at the Sheraton.

    So don’t bother with them they are not professional journalists and you should know who your friends are, make them irrelevant since they make them selves irrelevant by their reckless behaviour.

    None of them will pay one penny to support you, but will expend all their energy to bring you down and steal what does not belong to them,

    My advice?

    Be strong my brother, you will get there soon

  • At 7:34 AM, Anonymous No Worry! said…

    Of course it is dissappointing to all of us if we 'expect' something extraordinary from those individuals who we think could bring much success to any well anticipated competition.
    But I still don't really know what professionalism means in todays business world, or whether the good old professional approach could lead to an effecitve -- I'll go ahead and call 'collateral success' to all.
    True, whether we like it or not, expectations must always be there, but, like any other of us, in this world, the success of our beauties is measured by their own personal matrix rather than by some kind of uniform metric that applies to everyone. At times it is very difficult to excel and join the first 15, 20... places, because you have found out that your innermost qualities could be overseen. You all know that most personality, beauty or fashion related businesses are often challenged by some cold-blooded professionals that do have a universal mission to transform beautiful human beings into some kind human-robot.
    I think you have the chance to challenge this sort of anti-human actions, by giving our beauties the freedom to improvise, and by letting them concentrate more on their inner beauties, and by encouraging to develop their own unique personalities.
    Please, don't get dissappointed if they won't make it upto the top 15, because they want to perform on their uniqueness.

  • At 6:20 AM, Anonymous LLL said…

    Concentrate on your inner most qualities, dearest beautiful sisters. You shall then be successful in every other part of life.
    As you often see, professionalism alone, without Love, can take you to nowhere. Be modest!

    LLL (Long Live Love!)

  • At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear LLL
    In pageants there are always winners and runner up pure and simple

    Is it funny how you so readily believed anything negative that is said and you should know that there are 2 sides to any story.

    I am 100% sure this “incident” as you claim was fully investigated by the Miss Universe officials and they will never accept a girl if they were not 100% satisfied, It is not compulsory they must let Ethiopia to go to Miss Universe I hope you know that?

    You on the other hand believe that nobody should go and represent us because one girl complained, but let’s look at who did the complaining.
    What have you invested in Ethiopia? That you come here to give us a lecture, I don’t see you volunteering your services to help next year,…. just another self appointed critic so will not watch the show because the winner of this contest goes to Miss Universe? Shame on you

  • At 5:40 AM, Anonymous LLL said…

    Who is the last blogger? It looks like you work for the Ethiopian Life Foundation. If that is the case, it is your right to defend yourself against all those allegations that are not true, or you believe they could bring harm to the organisation you work for. But what is the point of being anonymous, if that is the case? On other hand, I am afraid, it looks like either we missed a very critical contribution to this blog, or there is something wrong with the way you handle the freedom of thought -- by refusing to accept harmless constructive criticisms. I think one must feel honoured to see participants here and there. The viewpoints of all the participants must be respectd, without any personal preferences, in an indiscrimnative manner. One should know that the lack of participation in these kinds of interactions usually becomes the crux of future problems which damn your present efforts to failure.

    It is my observation that somewhere along the line, knowledge, information and experience began to lose their value lately. Perhaps I missed the genesis of this occurrence, however a review of the commenteries now shows that this could be the point at which the observers started to challenge those who try to deny them express their Desire and Will. I never attempted to toss up my ideas and began to preach conversion to the new gospel of life. There is no use in doing that. But I would also like that all parts should treat each other with some respect. The organisation may have differences in thoughts and principles with those who are/were closer to them, but it is obliged though to treat them with some dignity and respect.

    I know, the concept of not paying attention is elevated to a new status in todays business world. People tuned out the world around them and proceeded to do things their own way. They would not accept correction. As a matter of fact these sorts of folks grew impatient with those who sought to offer guidance or remarks.
    On this very forum I read commenteries from some lunatics who, for instance, despise the personality of Atetegeb. Why on earth are the administrators still unable to remove those abusive comments?

    Wishing you all the best!


  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Teddy D said…


    At the end of the day just like this organisation seems to have been experiencing there are people like you who will never make any positive contribution to their efforts, but instead come here or wait in “bushes” to ambush and blindly criticise everything they do.

    If you come here to criticise them, my guess is they have every right to remove unhelpful comments. If you don’t like it go and organise your own contest and set up you own web site, or join them and make a difference to our countries image abroad.

    Dina is in Los Angels at Miss Universe 2006 yet you comeback here time and time to praise ex Queen Atetegeb, and you never once congratulated or acknowledged Dina on her win, it Sounds like you must have a lingering hard on for Atetegeb,…… deal with it I say
    This is not Atetegeb’s private forum ok

    FACT: Did you know that Atetegeb did not go to Miss Earth
    FACT: Atetegeb Did not bother to go back to hand over her crown to Dina at Miss Universe Pthiopia 2006
    FACT: Atetegeb did not even go back to Ethiopia for one after Miss Universe 2005 and simply disappeared

    But according to your high sense of morality and values we should continually sing the praises of a person like that?

    Have you ever heard of a Miss America or any Miss not fulfilling her one important duty such as handing over her crown and yet by your ramblings it is ok

  • At 2:38 AM, Anonymous Tigist said…

    Attis is a wonderful girl who seemed to lack the understanding of what is required of her as a Queen, how dare she not show her self to the Ethiopian people, or go to Miss Earth etc so it was all about her and nobody else? No wonder she did not win anything as smart and bright as she is.

    I hear she is now a refugee/ Asylum seeker in America like most girls try to claim once the get there, what a big shame.

    So Atti would rather be a slave in a foreign land than a Queen in her country?

  • At 3:28 AM, Blogger Miss Ethiopia PR said…

    Dear LLL
    Whilst we respect your point of view and your admiration for Atti, we have to respectfully point out that this is not Atti’s personal blog, and you seem come her only to praise Atti and ignore all the other girls and even the reigning Queen. This is very one sided and unfair to the other girls and you seem to unwittingly fuel some negative comments about her with your defensive posts.

    If Atti’s actions offend some people in the community, we feel they have a right to express their opinions, after all as Miss Universe® Ethiopia 2005 Atti, had many obligations which extended well beyond being sent to Miss Universe by us which she did not fulfil. Every Ethiopian Queen must know that all eyes of the community will be on her, and she will be held accountable for her actions or we will always have this problem with the girls.

    This organisation struggles and tries to provide so many positive opportunities for our girls, yet some seem to be only interested in them selves; other national Queens will readily fulfil their obligations because they know that being a Queen extends well beyond going a beauty pageant, it is a badge of honour we also feel that the full story should be known good or bad and not censored to suit personal tastes.

    Should you wish to discuss this matter further please email us

  • At 9:26 PM, Anonymous ALEM said…

    Please stop your ramblings and give credit where credit is due! Atti is not the current Miss Universe Ethiopia no matter how much you admire her.

    She had her time to shine and she did not now it is over! GET OVER IT!!

    There is a new Queen DINA and the fact that you STILL fail to aknowledge her is so very, very sad

    DINA!...... GOOD LUCK ON 23rd July

    Represent our Nation

  • At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Teddy D said…

    Yo! LLL
    A top 20 spot for Dina at Miss Universe 2006 is proof positive she is the True Ethiopian Queen.

    Even if Atti and you both refused to acknowledge it.

    Atti for refusing to give her the Miss Ethiopian crown and you for ignoring Dina all this time

    Dina You rule!!!!

  • At 1:29 AM, Anonymous Teddy D said…

    You are unbelievable!!!! Get a life with your extended hard-on for Atti. go take a cold shower or some thing you must be a psycho or stalker, or some kind of freak! Have you just been released from jail recently?

  • At 2:45 AM, Anonymous Tigist said…

    Your misplaced admiration and endless fixation on a "has been" Queen of Ethiopia who is now an Assylum seeker in America is lamentable, So who will Atti your Queen of Sheba rule over? and from America.....Ha! Ha!!

    THE WHOLE WORKD KNOWS THAT DINA IS THE TRUE QUEEN OF SHEBA. Did you see her grace on stage? WOW! is all I can say

    [PS] Atti did not chose "not to follow the path of Glamour and Glitter" etc..... she messed up big time and got dropped on her Ass! REALITY CHECK 1...2...!


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