Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ambrose Abulime : Miss Millennium Queen Part of a World Record

Reigning Millennium Queen Kidan Tesfahun is Ethiopia's representative at Miss Tourism Queen Int. 2008 currently under way in China which concludes on the 12th April 2008. stated Ambrose Abulime

Ethiopia's Queen of the Millennium is proudly flying the flag for Ethiopia by taking part in this record breaking event and taking centre stage for Ethiopia.

A record number of delegates from around the World are taking part and this contest now holds the world record with 115 delegates attending this years event thus surpassing even Miss World in popularity.
Several delegates from the recently held Miss Tourism of the Millennium Beauty pageant, the first ever International beauty pageant to be held in Ethiopia are ironically also taking part in this same event in China i.e. Miss Bahamas, Miss Congo, Miss Liberia, according to the foundation promoting, and sponsoring, Ethiopian women and girls in the outside world.

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