Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ambrose Abulime to present MISS TOURISM OF THE MILLENNIUM II

Ambrose Andy Abulime,  Ambrose A Abulime, Ambrose Abulime

Miss Tourism of the Millennium II is set for launch in the coming weeks with over 60 Countries expected to participate in this years event according to Ambrose Abulime pageant director, based on the interest generated from the inaugural event held in Ethiopia in October 2007.
The delegates will have an opportunity to sample different tourism attractions in Ethiopia and beyond as several other countries are also interested in co-hosting this year’s event.

 Interested sponsors should contact Ambrose Abulime the director and consultant

A Abulime, Ambrose Abulime, Andy Abulime, Beauties of Africa,A Abulime, Ambrose Abulime, Andy Abulime, Beauties of Africa, Ambrose Abulime


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