Sunday, August 26, 2007

Millennium Queens visit Childrens Library

The Millennium Queens as part of their community activities during the Millennium Festival of Beauty paid a visit to Shola childrens library In Addis Ababa, there they read stories for the kids and gave some gifts to the children

Beauties Checking out The books

Beauties with brains

Sweeties any one?

The Shola Children's Library: The Ethiopian Children's Book Center, renamed the Shola Children's Library in April 2004, is Ethiopia Reads's first project in Ethiopia. The Shola Children's Library has over 20,000 books donated from the United States and purchased in Ethiopia with a grant from the Presbyterian Women's Fund. The library originally opened in the basement of Yohannes' house then expanded to fill the whole building with additional tents set up in the yard to make space for all the children who come. Over 40,000 visits have been made to the library since its opening in April of 2003. Children from all over the neighborhood come to use the facilities to study, do their homework or escape with a good book. The helpful Ethiopia Reads staff is always avaliable for assistance. This is the first free library service for children in Addis Ababa and, according the the principal of the neighborhood school, an indispensable resource.

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