Monday, November 06, 2006

Dina Fekadu Bids for Miss Earth Crown

Miss Earth poses for photographers flanked by the other finalists of the Miss Earth 2005 beauty pageant, which was held in Quezon City, Philippines in 2005.
From left to right: Miss Fire (Jovana Marjanovic, 18, Serbia & Montenegro), Miss Earth (Braun Waldeck, 22, of Venezuela, the overall winner), Miss Air (Amell Santana de Jesus, 19, of The Dominican Republic), and Miss Water (Katarzyna Borowicz, 20, of Poland).

Dina Fekadu; the reigning Miss Universe® Ethiopia 22006 has set her sights on wining the 2006 Miss Earth® title and she has departed for manila in the Philippines to vie for the crown against 81 other beauties from a round the world
Miss earth is the 3rd biggest pageant in the world and focuses on the environmental cause hence beauties for a cause,

Dina will be in the Philippines for 3 weeks and be actively involved in environmental protection as awareness proportion with several high profile events planned to coincide with the pageant.
This will be Dinas third trip to Asia, it should be recalled that she took part in Miss international® 2005 in Japan and Miss Tourism® International 2005 in Malaysia last year as the reigning Miss Tourism® Ethiopia 2005


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