Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dina Fekadu on a Mission to win Miss Universe crown

Dina Fekadu A.K.A. Miss Universe Ethiopia 2006, will be taking center stage in Hollywood California at the world famous Shrine auditorium this Sunday 23rd July, for the 2006 grand finals of the Miss Universe® pageant. Dina has been rehearsing along with a record breaking 86 other girls, the race for the title of Miss Universe® 2006 comes to a head at the world famous Shrine auditorium famous for hosting the American Oscars and estimated 6500 VIP's and Hollywood celebrities will pack the auditorium and an even bigger crowd of 1.6 billion viewers in over 177 countries will watch the event in a live Global telecast from Los Angeles.

Dina is equipped with a Haute couture gown specially made for her, it is a Lovely green dress encrusted with semi precious and light reflecting stones to give a brilliant sparkle on stage to match Dina’s radiant smile, it was specially desigend, hand made and flown into Hollywood for her from the Philippines and it is the most expensive dress any delegate from Ethiopia has ever worn to a pageant.

The National Director Mr Abulime said “We have to match what other countries are doing to ensure we have a positive result, we cannot afford to ever settle for second best for the Queens of Ethiopia at such events, it is not just about the girl who must be beautiful and charming, but her wardrobe is also very important, and this is what we have trying to impress upon many local Ethiopian designers, This is a huge platform that can open up doors for young Ethiopian designers who seek global fame and fortune as well, even Ethiopia’s being at Miss Universe® for the 3rd successive year is impressive enough, but to crack the top 20 this year with Dina is not in doubt, We are however here to win and bring back the crown for Ethiopia and are ready to do battle with the best of the best in the World and Dina has a 1 in 86 chance ”

Dina earlier got to meet Billionaire Donald Trump at a special garden party held in honor of the delegates to this years Miss Universe® pageant and if she wins the title on Sunday night, her life will instantly be transformed as she will be living in one of his penthouses in New York for the duration of her reign. whilst traveling the World and an ambassador
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  • At 5:32 PM, Blogger jei_suima said…

    Do you happen to know the name of the Filipino designer who made Miss Ethiopia's gown?

  • At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    who is the filipino designer of her gown?

  • At 3:02 AM, Anonymous Maria said…

    Dear Miss Universe Ethiopia organisers

    I was very happy to see Dina on stage and her gowns looked marvellous and I wonder why you did not choose an Ethiopian designer

  • At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Hiwot said…

    Perhaps because Ethiopian designers did not come forward to be part of a positive idea like they never do?????

    Prefering to hold small shows and charge "entrance fees" rather than selling their designs to make a living.

    Then again name me one top Ethiopian fashion designer worthy of such an honour of designing for Miss Universe Ethiopia?
    I have never seen them at any major fashion shows in New York London,Paris, Milan etc

  • At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Abesha said…


    Perhaps you are not familiar with the name Amsale. She is one of top designers that could have been part of this event, but that never happened as she have no part in making a decision on which designer the pagend organizers choose.

    From where I stand, hiwot, you don't sound positive yourself. Check yourself before you speak ill about others!!

  • At 7:43 PM, Anonymous tomu said…

    Hi Annonymous
    I am sure if Amsale or any worthy Ethiopina deisgener contacted them they would be happy to work with her, That is how other Designers in other countries get to work with National Queens.

    You must not expect them sit and wait and to beg Amsale or any other Ethiopian Designers to come forwards and work with them to dress Miss Ethiopia for hee international events.

    It should be a matter of Pride for them,
    How did the Phillipino designer get the Job?

    He who dares wins!!!!

    so quit complaining and do something

  • At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Miss Universe 2007 said…

    It was very interesting to read all the comments on the designer for Miss Ethiopia Universe. Before knowing who designed it I was sooooo impressed with the creativity and couldn't wait to get the name of the designer myself. Saddly it was not one of "owr own". As Hiwot said, I doubt it was the MUE organizer's fault that a Habesha designer was picked. There is no creativity in the work that is being done. Plus it seems like they don't beleive in investing for the future by endorsing such activities. So, if they were passed for the opportunity in the past let by gones be bygone. But is Amsale, Genet or Paradise Fashion....stepping up to the plate and willing to endorse with their "creative" touch for Miss Universe 2007?

  • At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Amina said…

    I don’t get it, after 4 years of hard work of repeatedly sending our Ethiopian girls to the Top beauty pageants in the world, not once but every year, most of it single handed by one very generous person, why do people still 4 years on sit back and “hide” and watch from the side lines instead of coming forward to join in?

    How much more motivation do some people need to be part of a new concept? Maybe a personal invitation?

    They remain invisible all the time then:
    Complain when the show is held;
    Complain that they were not chosen to design for them,
    Complain that they were not given free invitations,
    Complain that the girls are not beautiful,
    Complain that they are not involved
    Will never invest in anything that does not promise or give instant returns of millions of Birr……… Complain! Complain!! Complain!!! It is so easy.

    People just get over it


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