Saturday, June 17, 2006


Dina Fekadu Miss Universe Ethiopia 2006

In a spectacular show held for the first time ever since his Imperial Majesty Emperor Hailie Selalsie's time at the Ethiopian National theatre on 14th April 2006, Dina Fekadu, a 21-year old philosophy student was selected as Miss Universe Ethiopia® 2006 and will proudly represent Ethiopia at the 2006 Miss Universe pageant. She becomes only the 3rd girl from Ethiopia to go to Miss Universe and her National Director has high hopes for her this year.The unprecedented event at the Ethiopian National Theatre was witnessed by an almost sold out crowd of over 1000 guests including diplomats, dignitaries and entertainers it was the biggest beauty pageant ever to be held in the history of Ethiopia, staff at the theatre commented that never before has the National Theatre been so packed with people to se a show, and finally cements the Miss Universe® brand and its National Director Mr Andy Abulime in the minds of the citizens of Ethiopia as the undisputed market leader for the elaborate stage shows and choreographed show that was put on. And this takes pageantry in Ethiopia to a new level

The 2006 "Miss Universe Ethiopia pageant week" kicked of with a free fashion show held and London café, followed but a visit to the Ethiopian Book club for Childrens foundation where the girls read stories for the young children,


Then it was the turn for the National costume and evening gown presentation shows that featured a musical journey round Ethiopia and elegant costumes this culminated with the grand finale held the next day.

23 girls took part in the event and 20 other international pageants await the girls from Ethiopia this year including Miss Earth®, Miss International®, and Miss Intercontinental® and many more and so once more the organisation is proudly leading the way in the promotion of Ethiopian culture at so many events on a global scale yet to be rivalled by any other organisation.
The event was proudly sponsored by Coca Cola.

Miss Universe® this year is being held in Los Angeles California

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