Monday, January 16, 2006


Miss Ethiopia-World 2005
Jiitu Abraham
The much acclaimed Miss Ethiopia-World ® beauty pageant has been revamped and is being taken to a higher lever by the exclusive owners and organisers.

The Ethiopian Life Foundation is pleased to announce the development as part of an overall objective of sustaining the pageant and providing opportunities for young Ethiopians where ever they live to proudly represent Ethiopia at international events, the 2006 Miss Ethiopia-World ® pageant will now be held in Europe later on in the year, cities short listed to host the pageant are:



The United States is also being considered. The organising committee will be visiting the cities in question to meet with Ethiopian community leaders and Ethiopian businesses to evaluate the overall suitability of each city to host the event.

Upgrading the Miss Ethiopia World® pageant to an international pageant creates the first and only international Ethiopian pageant, and it will be open to all Ethiopians regardless of where they live, and it is seen as an alternative for young Ethiopians who live in the United States and particularly Europe to participate in an international pageant for the right to represent Ethiopia at several international pageants.

The move is expected to further consolidate the position of the organisers as the premier pageant organisers of repute for young Ethiopians. It should be recalled that Miss Ethiopia-World® was the first truly national pageant ever held in Ethiopia in modern times back in 2003, where the top 3 winners all went to international pageants, Miss Ethiopia-World® created the first HIV and goodwill ambassador in Ethiopia and she was a spokesperson for the aims and objectives of the Ethiopian life foundation.

Miss Ethiopia-World® was merged with the Miss Universe-Ethiopia® pageant in 2004 and has been traditionally awarded to the first runner up at the Miss Universe-Ethiopia pageant. Organisers now feel the time is right for Miss Ethiopia-World® to once again be held as a separate contest as an opportunity for many young Ethiopians who live outside Ethiopia to participate in international contests

The Miss Ethiopia-World® 2006 pageant promises to be more than just another pageant but to showcase the best and brightest Ethiopian talent and culture, in an elaborate stage show, top selling Ethiopian singers are also expected to be in attendance and the show is expected to be broadcast on TV in the United States and Europe to an audience of over 80 million households.

London has emerged as a favourite to host the pageant, but Paris and Rome are still being considered, the key will as in most cases be sponsorship, as we would like to provide a warm and hospitable environment of all the delegates durring their week long stay in the host city.

All well meaning Ethiopian businesses and individuals are urged to contact us for further details of how they can be part of this ground breaking event.


  • At 11:10 AM, Anonymous SA said…

    Hi it is nice to see what you are doing with these girls and giving them chances to develop themselves but beware of Atetegeb!!!!! she is a dangerous girls and will bring you nothing but regrets!

    She is a little scheming money grabbing little snake who will slip out of your fingers and bite you if you blink……….. We know her very well from S.A. and Miss Malaika so beware!!!!!

    We see that she did nothing for her country after wining Miss Universe unlike these other girls who did so much, does she care? I don’t think she knows how to care about anybody but her self, just a big fake smile all the time....

  • At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Teddy said…

    I would like to thank you for all this organisation is doing in Ethiopia; we look forward to seeing our queen at Miss Universe 2006

    We will win it this year!!!!

    Just like a bottle of fine wine you guys get better with time

    Keep up the fantastic work


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