Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Dina and Miss Universe girls in Hollywood with top a fashion deigner

Dina Fekadu: Miss Universe-Ethiopia® 2006 was treated to a special start studded party in Hollywood, California where she is representing Ethiopia at the 2006 Miss Universe pageant this past Saturday, her and the 85 other delegates were special guests at a celebrity party and basket ball game and the hottest stars in Hollywood were out in full force to party with the girls,
Stars that put in appearances included rappers Snoop Doggy Dog, Usher, LIL Bow Wow, and Basketball legend Magic Johnson to mention just a few,

It was a very exciting time for all the girls to meet their favourite entertainers in real life and autographs and photos were exchanged.
Dina arrived in Los Angeles last Friday after a long flight via Amsterdam on KLM Airways and was picked up at the airport by a sleek long black stretched limousine, and immediately whisked to the 5 star Beverly Hills grand hotel famous for it celebrities who come to have dinner there, where she and the 80 something other beauty queens from around the world are staying for the 3 weeks event.

Next on the list is the Aids candlelight vigil held in memory of the Aids victims and followed by a charity gift auction, Ethiopia’s gift this year as a long black Traditional Kabba which is expected to easily fetch over $3000 and the proceeds will go to charity.

This year makes it 3 consecutive years that Ethiopia has participated in the annual Miss Universe® contest under the exclusive sponsorship and direction of the Ethiopian life foundation that provides a huge platform every year for 80+ of the most beautiful girls in the world to represent their countries on the world’s biggest stage, and Ethiopia is one of only 7 African countries taking part in the 2006 Miss Universe® contest.

For the winner a fantasy lifestyle and dreams will come true for her, as she gets to live the highlife and champagne life rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous with an exclusive 5th avenue apartments and travel the world, Dina is a very highly rated contender this year and has previously been called Too hot to handle” by some of the experts. Over 1.6 billion TV viewers will watch the finals and see Dina go for the ultimate beauty crown

In other related news Semgen Artega a runner up at the 2006 Miss Universe Ethiopia® pageant recently retuned from her debut trip to China at the 2006 Miss Tourism Queen contest


  • At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Miss Univese 2007 said…

    Just a few words of wisdom for the next Miss Univers Ethiopia 2007---please try to take more risks, don't be shy (shyness isn't one of the best assets in the fashion and beauty industry) and be aggressive. Specially with the photographer. Good luck and know that a LOT of Ethiopians and Africans are looking at the TV and rooting for you.


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