Friday, July 28, 2006

Fetihya Mohammed [aka] "Miss Lovely" goes to Miss International 2006

Fetihya Mohammed 2nd runner up at the Miss Universe® Ethiopia 2006 pageant and “Miss Lovely”™ 2006 has arrived in Tokyo Japan at the start of the 2006 Miss International pageant,
This year’s pageant will be taking Place in both Japan and Beijing China, and 61 delegates from around the world are in attendance.

This year marks the 4th straight year that Ethiopia has participated in this very important event under the sponsorship of the Ethiopian life foundation, more so because it is an opportunity for Fetihya to promote not only Ethiopian culture but the Ethiopian Millennium to the world at the event, and that is her mandate from her managers.

We feel that it is never too early to promote the fort coming Ethiopian celebrations and see this participation as great platform to launch it and tell the world about it.

Miss International is the 4th biggest pageant in the World and has been held for the last 46 years and participation in this pageant is traditionally reserved exclusively for the reigning Miss Tourism Ethiopia® queen, thus with her participation Fetihya officially assumes the office and title of Miss Tourism Ethiopia 2006 and will execute this office till the next pageant in 2007


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