Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ethiopian beauty wins Miss Photogenic

Miss Photogenic @ Miss University [in yellow dress]

Tsigereda Alemayehu the 4th place Queen from this years Miss Universe Ethiopia pageant had made a successful debut to her international modelling career by clinching Miss Photogenic at the recently concluded 2006 World Miss University® pageant held in Seoul, South Korea, she was selected from 50 delegates as the most photogenic candidate, and it is ironic that she was also voted Miss photogenic at the 2006 Miss Universe® Ethiopia pageant. Tsigereda will be the proud recipient of an educational scholarship from the organisers to further her education.

Tsigerada’s victory round’s out a very successful year for the girls from Miss Universe® Ethiopia pageant, from Tokyo to Hong Kong to Seoul to Los Angeles to Beijing to Shanghai to Manila in the Philippines these young Ambassadors of Ethiopian beauty and Culture have been to more intentional pageants than all other contests organisers put together in Ethiopia and solidifies the position of the pageant as the pre eminent pageant or choice for young girls in Ethiopia looking for an opportunity to travel Model and see the World.


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